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Telstra ZTE F165i Mobile Phone 2016

Telstra ZTE F165i Mobile Phone
The F165i is the follow up to the original country phone the F165. The new version features an improved design and AGPS for navigating, but it retains the extendable antenna of its predecessor for and has the blue tick for superior reception in areas of weaker coverage. The F165i scores keypad made up of very large keys and an easy to read screen. Menus are still simple and easy to navigate, with a very intuitive feel.
Telstra ZTE F165i Mobile Phone 2016
Telstra ZTE F165i Mobile Phone 2016
Although ideal for users requiring top coverage performance in a durable case due to the size of the F165i we recommend a pouch or leather case to carry the F165i around.


Telstra ZTE F165i Mobile Phone 2016
Quoted battery life is three and a half hours talk time and 250 hours of standby time, a car-charger seems a wise purchase to be sure you always have a full charge.


The antenna has a raised knob on top of the handset, an extension to bring out your antenna even further. There is a port to connect an Next G external antenna to further improve reception.

The F165i is a quad-band GSM handset with HSDPA. The F165i supports Bluetooth 1.2. Music can be imported from your PC using the supplied software and USB cable. Text messaging is easy with the large keypad.


Telstra ZTE F165i Mobile Phone 2016
A great refresh of the F165 this handset has all the benefits in a more modern package. The large keypad and rugged nature of the country phone will be great for outdoor folk and those of us who require sturdy handsets.

Main features:

Daylight viewable TFT LCD display
FM radio, MP3 player and ringtones
A-GPS (Assisted Global Positioning System) support
Tri band UMTS, Quad band GSM
Extendable antenna
Bluetooth 1.2 with stereo headset support
2.0 megapixel auto-focus camera with digital zoom
Dual camera design for video calling
T-Flash memory up to 4GB microSDHC
Personal organiser / calendar
Java MIDP 2.0 for games and applications
USB connectivity included
Compatible external antennas
Predictive text and built in dictionary for easy SMS
Large Li-ion battery for long life

Telstra ZTE F165i Mobile Phone 2016
Use of the FM radio requires the Stereo corded personal handsfree headset to be attached to function as the antenna.

Technical Specifications:

UMTS 850 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
250 hours standby, 3.5 hours talk time
TFT display 240 x 320, 262K colours
Java MIDP 2.0
Bluetooth 1.2 - FTP / HFP / A2DP (Stereo) / DUN
Size 117mm x 51mm x 16mm
Weight 119g (including standard battery)

Prepaid Mobile Review - Telstra Prepaid Cap+ 2016

Prepaid Mobile Review - Telstra Prepaid Cap+

Telstra is by far Australia's biggest mobile phone carrier. This covers both post paid mobile plans as well as prepaid mobile plans. Over the past few years however the range of prepaid mobile options made available by Telstra has become rather stale.

Optus on the other hand have invested considerably in new product development and even launched their unlimited prepaid offer in late 2010 Optus Dollar Days. What all of this has meant is that Telstra is no longer is losing market share and their lack of product variety is contributing to this.
 Telstra Prepaid Cap+ 2016
 Telstra Prepaid Cap+ 2016
Telstra has never been the cheapest in Australia. Much of their market share is on the back of being the biggest carrier as well as having the best reception. So when they launched their new Prepaid Cap+ plans, I wasn't expecting the best in value but I was genuinely surprised by the fact that data was a key piece of the value on offer.

In late October, Telstra launched their Prepaid Cap+ offer. The offer includes a combination of basic credit (to the value that you recharge), bonus credit and a data allowance. I have long been a supporter of prepaid mobile plans which offer a data allowance.

The range of plans start at $30 and increase to $100:

- $30 Cap - $30 call credit + $170 bonus credit + 50MB data
- $40 Cap - $40 call credit + $260 bonus credit + 150MB data
- $60 Cap - $60 call credit + $440 bonus credit + 300MB data
- $100 Cap - $100 call credit + $900 bonus credit + 500MB data

Bonus credit/data is for personal use only and excludes calls/SMS to satellite numbers, premium numbers (eg. 1900 numbers), operator assisted and info calls (eg. most calls to 1200 numbers), content charges (inc 3rd party charges), MessageBank, diverted calls and use while overseas.

 Telstra Prepaid Cap+ 2016
Credits last for only 30 days, which is standard for cap style plans. Call rates are 89c per min with a flagfall of 39c and text rates are 29c. So a 3 minute call will set you back $3.06. On the $30 Cap with $200 credit this comes to 65 calls. On the top plan with $1000 credit it equates to 326 calls per month. Telstra's superior reception across rural Australia and the inclusion of data in each cap, should make these plans a popular choice.

Following on from the launch of the Prepaid Cap+ plans, Telstra has now Prepaid Weekend+ Plan. The new prepaid offer gives you two recharge options $50 or $60. In addition to the credit that you can use during the week you also get 100MB of data + FREE weekend talk and text. So you get the $50 or $60 credit for during the week and during the weekend you can make unlimited calls and text to anyone in Australia. Great if you mainly use your phone during the wild weekend. It sounds a little like the first Optus contract I signed up to 15 years ago, free weekend calls.

 Telstra Prepaid Cap+ 2016
Are these new plans enough? At a minimum they now give customers a few more options and the unlimited weekend offer gives those who mainly use their phones over the weekend a great alternative to the many other offers in the market place.

In the longer term they need to continue to look at unique ways to differentiate their product offering and certainly data is one way of doing this. Combined with their superior reception, a great data plan could be a big winner with the growing popularity of smart phones.

 Telstra Prepaid Cap+ 2016

A Guide to Choosing an External Antenna on Telstra's Next G Network 2016

A Guide to Choosing an External Antenna on Telstra's Next G Network
Telstra's Next G network covers over 98% of the Australia population. It is a high-speed network that is currently capable of speeds of up to 21MB/s. This means that we can enjoy video calling, email, Whereis maps, News, Weather, Foxtel by mobile, data services such as high-speed internet as well as superior coverage. Unlike other 3G networks where you can get Next G reception you will have access to all Next G services such as email and all the free to browse sections on your Next G mobile phone.

A Guide to Choosing an External Antenna on Telstra's Next G Network 2016
A Guide to Choosing an External Antenna on Telstra's Next G Network 2016
BigPond wireless modems, Telstra Mobile Broadband modems and Next G handsets all operate on the Next G 850MHz network. The 850 MHz spectrum provides superior in building coverage .

External antennas provide significant additional coverage for Next G mobile phones. This is important if you are using your mobile phone, BigPond wireless modem or Telstra Mobile Broadband modem in rural and remote areas or along major highways.

Most antennas have a standard fitting termination either SME or FME and different mobile phones and wireless internet cards have different antenna connections. A patch lead is required to connect the mobile phone to the antennas standard fitting.

The range of Next G antennas help to maximise signal strength regardless of whether you are in your vehicle, boat or home. Our Next G antenna range incorporates different size, gain and different types of antennas, from temporary portable antenna solutions to permanent bullbar, roof mount and through windscreen options.
A Guide to Choosing an External Antenna on Telstra's Next G Network 2016

Generally an antenna's size is proportional to its gain and is measured in decibels, dB. The higher the gain of the antenna, the greater the signal range will be. Different gains are required for different situations as noted below:

Low gain - Metropolitan city and major regional areas (0 - 3 dB) These antennas are used to increase signal strength in good coverage areas and are portable and transmit equally in all directions. These antennas also work well in hilly areas.

Medium gain - Regional use (3 - 5 dB) Use these antennas to increase in building reception and in areas on the fringe of network coverage. These antennas transmit are omni directional i.e. they transmit equally in all directions.

High gain - Rural and Remote areas (6.5 - 7.5 dB). Used in low signal areas for home and vehicle applications. The size of our high gain antennas provides omni directional signal strength gain and significant increases in signal range.

Larger ultra high gain antennas, yagis, are also available. These are used to achieve maximum signal strength for wireless broadband modems. They are usually mounted on buildings or high on fixed structures. These antennas transmit in a fixed direction and so must be installed properly so that they are transmitting in the correct direction.

A Guide to Choosing an External Antenna on Telstra's Next G Network 2016
It is recommend that your antenna be installed your a car, boat or house roof as this provides height and stops the roof itself from blocking the signal. Just having an antenna outside of a home, boat or car can result in an increase of around 10 times in signal strength resulting in significantly improved performance.

Telstra has awarded several mobile phone handsets within the Next G range the blue tick. These blue tick mobile phones are recommended for rural and remote use and in areas where there is low signal strength as they provide superior reception in these areas.

A Guide to Choosing an External Antenna on Telstra's Next G Network 2016

telstra webmail 2016

The Telstra T106 is manufactured by ZTE. It has a Bluetick rating meaning it will provide coverage and superior performance in rural areas. The T106 has many features considering its price point (which at launch is $ 129): FM radio, MP3 player, Telstra code reader, 2 megapixel camera, external port antenna connection, a memory expandable up to 8GB via micro SDHC memory card, stereo Bluetooth and more.
telstra webmail 2016
telstra webmail 2016 
The T106 looks stylish with chrome edging to the front while the keyboard and T106 mobile phone controls are large and well placed for easy to use messaging. Free high hands-voice speaker is pretty loud and clear.

Next G be combined and T106 has BigPond Next free to browse services. Which provide news, movie listings, Yellow Pages, Trading Post, Price Stock Market, Whereis mobile and more.

The Telstra T106 is compatible with Windows 7 and is capable HSDPA and is a 3.6Mbs device.

telstra webmail 2016 
Main Features:
Tri-band UMTS, quad band GSM
Bluetick compliant for excellent RF coverage
Bluetooth 2 with stereo headset support
2 mega pixel camera with digital zoom
FM radio, MP3 player and ringtones
Dual camera design for video calling
multimedia videos, images and Email Supported
MicroSD up to 8GB of memory
Java is enabled for games and applications
voice memo recording
Predictive text and built in dictionary for easy SMS
Large Li-ion battery for long life

telstra webmail 2016 
Delivered with:
USB cable
Windows 7, Vista, XP compatible PC Suite
Suite MAC OS
personal hands free kit
AC charger
User manual

telstra webmail 2016 
Technical specifications:
UMTS 850/1900 / 2100 MHz band with HSDPA 3.6Mbps data
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
200 hours of standby, 150 minutes talk time around
the 40MB of user space
QCIF display
Bluetooth 2 - FTP / HFP / A2DP (stereo)
Size 107mm x 47mm x 14mm

Weight 108g including battery 1000Ah

Telstra T-Suite 2016

Suite T programs allow you to get the advantage to try different software products so you do not have the need to buy each just to see what works best for you. This is definitely a sure way to save money, but apart from that, it also helps to have the assurance that you can really get something you can use the most.

Telstra T-Suite 2016
The trial period allowed for software products allow you to explore the tools and features without much trouble at all. In addition, you can also be in control of other staff members who use it for the purposes intended. For many users, Telstra T-Suite really contributes a lot to the jurisdiction and that reason alone workplace should be sufficient for you to try this product.
Telstra T-Suite 2016
Telstra T-Suite 2016

Telstra T-Suite 2016
Telstra T-Suite 2016

And there are certainly many other good reasons why a lot of companies in Australia consider Telstra T-Suite as a primary choice. For example, upgrades and access instant online might make things much simpler, this approach helps you increase your productivity significantly because it is not your duty to personally manage programs more. Even with regard to other expenses, you can actually choose to get it all together with a business broadband and you are also allowed to try for 30 days. Now if you found to be effective, then you can simply purchase the full version so that you can continue using it. Otherwise, you can instantly cancel the terms hassle or additional obligations on your end.

Telstra T-Suite 2016
Will begin by completing an application form Telstra T-Suite now. Their friendly staff members are eager to help you configure the free services that you can personally see if it could really be good for your workplace. Like most customers attest, Telstra T-Suite is a very promising software that brings many advantages for those who use well. Anyone who can really use win great benefits they might not meet if they have instead simply on the use of other similar applications.

Telstra T-Suite 2016

Telstra T-Suite has your performance to the next level. Fortunately, you do not have to spend a sum of money just to try their products because they offer free trial versions for users interested for at least 30 days. After this period, then you can decide if you want to buy and keep or cancel your coverage.