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scalable solution for their overall communications telstra webmail2016

scalable solution for their overall communications telstra webmail2016

A single, scalable solution for their overall communications
Connect your cheap simple web sites and businesses with IPVPN Telstra. Our highly scalable networks have come almost all corners of the world, offering a truly global solution.
The extension of the network to meet their changing business needs, increasing the financial results of their original investment. The network is fully capable of supporting voice and video, and others in order of priority data, so that once if the IPVPN installed, will also have the infrastructure needed to introduce voice over IP services or collaboration in any time in the future.

scalable solution for their overall communications telstra webmail2016
scalable solution for their overall communications telstra webmail2016

There administered by experts highly secure
Technology delivered using Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) IPVPN our offering high levels of security, not only in the nucleus, but also in the network infrastructure, management and operational level network. Encrypted traffic flow Between the Optimized sites are safe and robust performance.
Telstra fully tested the service during installation, and are one of the few suppliers of IPVPN services in Asia to achieve the ISO certification for the provisioning process. Our supervise and manage the solution 24/7 so you can be sure ofhigh quality service at all times.

 scalable solution for their overall communications telstra webmail2016

Robust, flexible and fast
Your business will prosper with access to one of the most major IP networks of Asia and the Pacific region of points with different concentration and presence back links deviate for maximum performance. Between a very low latency sensitive applications support regions to retardation, such as voice and video, providing a better experience for the end user.
Capabilities of the dynamic routing MPLS IPVPN services are inherently tolerant That means Telstra has faults too. All traffic on the network is automatically moved through the shortest route are available quickly diverted in the event of failure of maximizing their uptime service.

Six classes of service for traffic handling priority
Six classes of service (CoS) has IP VPN services, you can easily segment traffic flow and traffic prioritizing more Important for your business. For example, give priority to their emails management system of relations with clients in the videoconference or web browsing.

affordable bandwidth for voice, data and video
Choose Between a range of multiple access technologies and flexible pricing options than help make service affordable for any size site. The use and seller to single access point for all voice, data and multimedia can significantly reduce costs.

 scalable solution for their overall communications telstra webmail2016

A cost effective, secure data for needs of housing
In accommodation facilities data server can be a headache with a high cost operation as well as safety and maintenance of worry that. The function of proximity Telstra removes these points so that pain can concentrate on your business.
The proximity of Telstra function, your data is hosted find in our secure data centers, it operates in 14 countries That and territories Asia, Australia, the United States and Europe, and the centers have adjusted international data. You can reduce costs while maintaining service level violation for all your accommodation needs.
Colocalization with your company Telstra dock allows for many realize the benefits of cloud while maintaining mission-critical infrastructure Knew safe.

User experience brilliant
geographically diversified portfolio of data centers allows the Telstra accelerate performance and improve maintenance applications extra applications by users.
All data centers His net (connected via high-speed networks Telstra and cabling systems) with a wide range of services and Layer 2/3 low latency of connectivity to improve performance further.

Increase of efficiency and reduce infrastructure costs
Optimize the IT infrastructure moving to Telstra data center. Eliminate Initial rates associated with maintaining assets Addition to the planted or consolidate existing data centers to create new efficiencies and reduce costs.
Our extensive experience in the management center in combination with local sales, support and resources of each market in billing data, freeing you to focus your business in heart.

scalable solution for their overall communications telstra webmail2016

Highly secure and robust
That know your data is secure facilities in our data comply That technical information with redundancy, operational and physical demanding and many places in dual offer.
Go to immediate support with our staff on site and 24/7 service desk overall.

Easy deployment in the cloud
Keep your job secure critical infrastructure while strengthening your business with new cloud capabilities. By placing with Telstra, you can also enter other services such as Telstra Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Collaboration same data center.

Choose Between host your data in a cloud private cloud or hybrid PEN through our platform. Our expert consultants can cloud That use guide in every step of the way, from design to processing the operation.

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